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black n' white photography feature 3

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 19, 2010, 12:12 PM
last feature for the vertical bw pictures

alone by FurtiveLungs Jacek session bw by krzysgfx Escape Me by MalaEskimoskaTown Face by DreamCatCheuse :thumb185901152: msk.gelou by xutomu nora.. by evamertzen X by borabalbey what happines means to me? by dreamsare :thumb183446419: :thumb185025724: Fortuna by Allinnefoto Right Here by zolusiowo le'bridge by vLixoz BIV by basieka :thumb179454365: :thumb182985356: visible by Deeevilish :thumb180954087: Nostalgia by iilva .. Desire .. by aldyrizki :thumb136643555: yuyu by memelsteak Ksu by Daria Zaytseva by daria-zaytseva These Eyes by xKimJoanne Sterenn by memelsteak Hard to keep an open Heart by Prueneta ID 2 by Prueneta Sverige - Stockholm - Vasa 3 by Obscurus86 :thumb179108876: Alley to Nowhere by Freggoboy Wild Pain by HaiZean Time by DarkSaiF Hospitale by Feebrile I Never Knew You by FurtiveLungs :thumb178846537: :thumb163897424: be somebody by pxhymn Ferrara ::1 by MisterKey :thumb119139845: Paris Plage - new crop by SallyKamille one more by charm-illusion

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black n' white photography feature 2

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 29, 2010, 1:42 PM
now horizontal, and YES i love kitties :D

smoke me by Red41 Crystal Eyes II by MAXimumDesigner Ann. by paulsch Lonely by emptyspace1594 :thumb181016407: a world of magic. by BeeEpl :thumb177696862: Always Lost by rave250 0126. by angelcurls :thumb176208218: Fawn by CameraDude Hectic by Berceuses lek1 by cllozdemir :thumb162445563: bw-basking in the golden rays. by escaped-emotions soap-bubbles by softlanding I've got a lot to say by PabloMoranJr :thumb154513111: :thumb168263540: Pearls do not dissolve in mud by Prueneta kiss me like you mean it by RandyErdman Broken Record by sagaris cold morning light by sandflower1989 Staying awake by Prueneta your face in shadow by S-t-r-a-n-g-e ..Broken Clouds.. by burcinesin :thumb159613071: a Breake ... by Osnafotos all alone in the big world by MotyPest The Scientist by Prueneta 0841 by AD-Photography ... by StacyD Little bird by napalminthewomb :thumb175164471: Mr Willy by smithography Hugs for Kitties by OVEclipse down down down by tolgagonulluleroglu The Muse. by Rebybelly rise up. by almiller 28 days later... by DamienVassart Spiral II by Gundross :thumb152566843: Hunting Cat by Lars-J-Bekker

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black n' white photography feature 1

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 25, 2010, 12:59 PM
first goes square No: 098 by selimselimoglu Instant Love by TeaOnWallz :thumb166829189: eyes lose their fire by PsycheAnamnesis :thumb183803194: Tereza by StRetMuZk sadie. by AndrisBarbans Liz by Tarasov :thumb182843674: Summer Rose by MissHeroin lady dark by EbruSidarPortrait reflection by CuCat :thumb181060660: 1175 by pr13s7 Imprinted by myuneko626 97754 by aleksandra88 Hysteria by ruuca :thumb88554841: night garden by bitterev India ink by bitterev My Boy Builds Coffins by Basistka K45 by OkTaYBiNGoL Starchild by pro-non Twins. by kczajkowska :thumb175180823: barrel of a gun. by indiae 24 frames per second by bitterev Breathe In by Chaerul-Umam :thumb98757059: A storm in the silence by PrincessInTheShit incoherence by indiae En manque d'ici... by ChristineAmat F a m i l y by ZanaSoul Sometimes I Need Solitude by soulofautumn87 twin by Hengki24 window. by AndrisBarbans Seaside 2 by laurentdudot .:di-lara:. by matricaria72 Thirsty Surface Tension by DenisOlivier :thumb151194701: young and careless. by AndrisBarbans Shiva 3 by Opium-for-breakfast :thumb180241572: Cat No.6 by BlackAmine Paws by KVirtanen :thumb167482218: :thumb166774831: Kiss by StacyD Yoda by islandtime KK by burcumbaygut x-ray by psychiatrique dream by Art-de-Viant :thumb137564812: 0068. by angelcurls think of me? by kudrett texbur2 by cllozdemir freedommm by cllozdemir muffle up in hair by bitterev :thumb163325048: :thumb159990939: nest of  winter by bitterev :thumb140223215: blackthorn diadem by bitterev signs of life by EbruSidar :thumb158367556: Memories of the past by WiciaQ 0079. by angelcurls a tree and snow by Kaarmen Office job, stressful job by FriXedAirwave b-rain by nikosalpha :thumb72502830: Manhattan Night by Jez92 i'm always here for you by mohdfikree :thumb106521223: :thumb167794080: :thumb101829611: Her Last Song by rayofcreativelight

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Journal Entry: Fri Oct 15, 2010, 8:46 AM

ID by 5endija

5 by 5endija tasty by 5endija parrot by 5endija


Journal Entry: Fri Oct 8, 2010, 1:14 PM
gagamouse by stolentime



fall. by AndrisBarbans KISS. by AndrisBarbans :thumb180043881:
need for sleep. by AndrisBarbans tree climber. by AndrisBarbans shine. by AndrisBarbans
:thumb181630139: window. by AndrisBarbans :thumb181060660:

P.S. Love the Gaga layout

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not that great

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 14, 2010, 11:50 AM

Hey watchers!
And again I haven't updated my journal for a while, pardon me. A lot has happened, but the bad news are that my camera broke a while ago and it hasn't been fixed yet, so I don't have the ability to take photos right now (and it's autumn autside, damn!)
Anyway, just got featured by my sweetheart AndrisBarbans go and check his page, now! :)…

Anyway, feeling a bit sick, you?

ask me anything:

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Heyey people
I'm always so lazy to update my jornals, shame (blush)
A LOT has changed since .. Valentines Day? :D
It's almost the end of the school year and ohemgee, it's so hot outside, i just love the weather, I hope it won't change for a while, actually, it could always stay like that +28°C, sunny and a few clouds, ahh, purrfect.
My school is killing me, so many works, so little time + it means that I had no chance to make the shots I wanted like a loooong time ago, I even didn't make a shot for Valentines day and I had a bright idea for it, oh well, summer is ahead, so it would be a shame (again) to not use that time for shoots and just sleep.
It seems like I haven't been lazier for years ..
Heart-Shaped glasses
xoxo :heart:
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Hello there :aww:

First of all I wanted to say Happy St.Valentines Day to whoever celebrates it! I don't see a big use of celebrating it, maybe it was at the beggining,but in this age it's so comercial. I think you have to show your love to your gf/bf every day, not at a special day. Of course it's nice, that they remember. Maybe this day helps to confess or forgive, maybe.
I have some ideas for Valentine shot's but I haven't got time to make them, anyway, I hope you will see them soon ;D
If I had a sub, I would make a feature of some amazing works, just some, so I didn't make a news feature :/

second, WHOA, i haven't updated my journal since last years june o.O
well a lot, really A LOT has changed, my life is getting better and better ( of course with a little ups and downs, but that's the way it goes) I know, I'm lack at submissions, but that will change, it's beacause of school, got o' lot of works
Ah well,
xoxo, lot's of love :heart:
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Hey everyone !

I'm sorry that I'm so lack these days, but I'm busy with school and other things (exams, pretests)
Hell Yeah, prom is so soon, I want to wish luck for my classmates at the rest exams.

I have many ideas for photographies and I hope I will realize them soon, the only thing is that, I need time and models, but I promise, I'll do them
I must say, time really passes fast, especially these last months. I just wish I could turn back time and correct few mistakes, but ah, I'm only human ;D

Summer is here! I just love the hot weather, it's so damn great. I love swimming, huge sunglasses, sunbathe, fun, friends, ice-cream, everything :aww: if only the school and exams would already be over.

How are you? :)

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I think that you know what I'm talking about.

give me truth by Jodie-odie-o Naked Truth by Aiae Touch the truth by iScreamLav :thumb45660606: What Truth by deltay :thumb75177664: I Tell The Truth. by itsreality Worries by essenga Truth by mATIEREfECALE truth by scientifiction Lies by Devilcatcher14 LIES. by xXxExsanguinatioNxXx :thumb106030757: :thumb91014607: Promise you by vejitatoja lies by casseybunn LIES by callmesickgirl you're only telling lies by koksuel No lies, just love by glitterscene LIES by mandaling What Lies Look Like. by sumsae No More Lies by franekbmx moment of truth by Moramarth :thumb115509624: lies by NaturalBornChaos Same mistake by elygreenOo :thumb85350810: comforting lies by balonas :thumb75738840: My Promise. by saltyrocks A Web of Lies by YasminaMoya True lies. by Moosiatko Black hearts, White lies by WildRainOfIceAndFire :thumb55324249: Hide My Lies. by sa-photographs :thumb108132209: good lies. by angelcurls In memories of you by stolentime :thumb113989270: Escape from the eye by iScreamLav No more lies by SidXandXNancy Truth About Me by TikiLlanes promise love by A-brutal Promise by DravlocPhoto :thumb120548494: :thumb55757807: .blind.truth. by Scallywag01 facing the truth by Nefeli6 Sweet Truth by PaulaMCollins You better make that promise by worthyG :thumb81106683: Promise Ring by Janerrocker Promise by surussa The promise. by perlesdepluie Little White Lies by biankablako I promise you by JoannaRzeznikowska .masquerade by caspell Don't believe the truth by Sashaya Lies Lies Lies by lockdowns :thumb93683759: :thumb29745647: :thumb98064974: :thumb109767077: Promise by xendlessxbluex Eyes can tell no lies by The-Silver-Doe The Truth, Please by mex-penguingirl lies. by fairytales-end Falling Apart by stolentime seeking the truth by Never-let-me-go Truth by heyula promise for you. by FruitByTheRandom truth hurts II by LauraZalenga :thumb102689462: Heartbroken. by PisikeP2takas :thumb77614540: pure by AnjaRoehrich t h e . w a y . w e . a r e by starxdust Thou shall not lie by canvasriot To See The Truth by AltonKane broken by maroline .heart broken. by TakeMyWorldApart BROKEN HOPE - 2 by nanath :thumb98942038: Truth lies here by Fairystories Who am I by emily-losttears :thumb118661772: :thumb118630251: A kind of magic by essenga :thumb120659622: Lost and alone by stolentime Caught myself by Goldden :thumb120102417: Pure by Tiffany-Ann unseen truth by godinc :thumb117748529: :thumb119450280: The silence has spoken by truth--hurts Lie by fairyfool :thumb106602239: Hiding In Your Eyes by idontknowdoyou :thumb114280732: :thumb119536862: :thumb115820266: black widow by sparkbearer :thumb120779007: :thumb120075422:


It was hard to find these works, but I found them ;D
Happy Valentines Day everyone :aww:

:thumb60490030: Bloody Valentine by peggyn21789 Valentine by BrokenFayth Valentine kitty by narabia valentine by purp0l :thumb29061126: Be My VALENTINE by pinceska :thumb76679924: :thumb15044075: Love: Happy Valentine's Day by Chirpilittle :thumb111799217: :thumb112565655: shoot my Valentine 2 by lomby79 Who wants to be her Valentine? by TheNonsense :thumb29055204: Be my Valentine by krmenxa red heart by Raving-Lunatic The Valentine Failures by NatVon Be My Valentine by Wiink Hold your heart high... by eXcer :thumb77460675: Valentine hearts by siona :thumb77310764: Valentine's day by BeeEpl :thumb112347265: valentine by girl-in-rain :thumb15256384: Valentine by tigerelune .valentine' by RandomError Forever My Valentine by haiku-loves-yuri :thumb95347239: :thumb48355144: Valentines Day by ochira  :thumb75643984: 2 Hearts-Happy Valentines day by nAgLiMaNtAs to the St. Valentine's day by artemiyb Valentine 2 by retrohotpink thinking of... by Patyi For You by alucier :thumb112689366: :thumb112354431: 316 by JelloCloned-raee love hearts by chlox :thumb112731934: :thumb112057990: Cup of Love by KarinLouise :thumb112723335: Matched by ShutterBugette Serenity by TurquoiseIvy I Love You....Not. by SilverMercury :thumb111608962: cold love by dosske :. Je t'aime by miiyak0 :thumb111472789: Be My Valentine by NanaPHOTOGRAPHY My Funny Valentine by itsonlyrain serce... by 92daga big heart by SzpakMarceli :thumb108808707: :thumb111250161: :thumb112647367: Love Butterfly by 50500   285 by JelloCloned-raee Lovely cookies by virtualzelia :thumb112561136: however far away... by incompris :thumb112545374: Be mine, Valentine. by Random-Mind :thumb99675945: .cuore. by Rudeee Black tears. by shinymavis In the rain by glowingkitten :thumb111755472: heart 1 by aphex-world :thumb112723768: Let's Spread Love by truth--hurts 010508 by churchlady The Broken One by Raingarden :thumb112655005: :thumb112647481: February 14 by angelinthedark1 :thumb112320890: welcome to the doll house by redkitestring :thumb112189229: love by ootuoyevoli I Love Music by perikls love... by JeanFan :thumb112219119: love tape by dkraner :: Coffee  Love :: by lKeKsl walentynki to shit by perfectstupidity happy valentines by K3tSh nothinghappens by cannibal-cupcakes Coffee addicted by sathin Nitelite I by rockgem :thumb95006089: love is a fire by gnash-pie ooh i like you by givemeantlers :thumb112151995: Flaming Heart by lspindler lovemenots by charrlotte Love me by Bzzu :thumb111473986: :thumb87093981: :thumb99604927: watermelon love by Patricia-b To Share by finkycake bottled up by RueNoir :thumb107041081: - L o v e - by sathin

self promotion-
:thumb112727403: Valentine by stolentime :thumb80762621:
Another year has gone trough our lives with the speed of light.
It was good, bad, amazing and unforgettable for each of us.
We can't change it, cause it was meant to be like so. I admit that this year for me was colorful - i have went trough really sad moments and also breathtaking and exciting moments. If I hadn't had them I don't know what would my attitude be like, right now. It seems like this years January was few weeks, maybe months ago, but summer - years ago ... I don't know why I have this feeling and I can't change it.
Everybody say that the next year will be tough, but I think it will be such as you will make it. We all are responsible about our lives. One little change can change a lot, right?
And so, i think we will live it trough with new great and special moments.
I want to wish you all a Happy New Year. I hope you will reach all your most desirable dreams and goals, and to get ones! For the artists - I hope you will all get loads of inspiration, muses and of course ideas. I also wanted to thank all my friends, all that people that have been with my in their minds, next to me, id doesn't  matter, i want to thank e v e r y o n e who has supported me in any way, and I hope I won't kill that little hope about me ;D
Also I wanted to wish all my friends that goes in the ninth class, a successful year of study, exams and all that stuff. It's our future anyway!
And so again

HAPPY NEW 2009 YEAR :aww:

with love,

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Little Tiger by stolentime :thumb75387837:
Hey there :aww:
I haven't updated my journal for a quite while.
I have a few things to ask you.
I really want to make new photos, but I have no ideas what to do. So i want to ask you:
1) What would you like to see in my new photographies?
(people, nature stuff, macro ect.)
2) If it's with people, which model would you like to see?
3) Are you more into colorful or black&white stuff?

Please help me to think out something :D
Like, maybe you have a request or something? ^^
Just tell me, and I will be happy to hear any ideas.
Thanks :)
I also want to thank all of You for the favorites and watches so much :glomp:

They watch me:

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Hi there (:
So much time has passed trought and i haven't updated my journal, but the time passed really fast :(
I just wanted to ask everyone "How was your summer?"
And I do care :)
For, as I can say, it was really sad at the beggining, but many happy events passed after.
And today I'm having another great day, well I expext it should be good.
I'm turning 15 (so I hope it won't be rainy :D )
The end of summer is comming even closer, and the school will start any minute now.
It will be the end of all theese lack days, you can do whatever you want and whenever you wake up :D well, I still have to enjoy those days till school.

"First there was the one who challenged, all my dreams and all my balance"

I want to thank every single person, who watches me and adds my work to their favourites, I'm really thankfull :) :glomp: a big hug from me to you all.

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Hi there deviants ^^

I haven't updated journal for a while, anyways,
That's it. Schools over. There is 3 months of freedome, that's awesome and not so awesome ( cause next year is the 9th grade with all the exams and few good friends are leaving ) Without that i can tell you that many ( I hope ) pictures will be added soon ( as i recieve them to upload here ) Me and my creative friends
( :iconprueneta: , :icondisturbedsinner: and :iconl-chocolate: ) had a nice photoshoot at a Abandoned sanatory. I must thank them for the great day :)
Because of those 3 months of freedome atlast I can do my photoshoots that I wanted to make a long time ago, but i didn't have time for them, now I can make them whenever I want + I can think new ones too. Whoa, time passes by really fast, but theres nothing I can do about it, only enjoy the moments i will have :D
So, you might just wait for new and shiny photos from me :)
Have a nice summer ^^

Thank's for all the :+fav: 's and watches :)

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Čau ^^
Piedodiet, ka traucēju, bet es gribēju palūgt palīdzību.
Es piedalos konkursā "Pavasaris Latvijā"
Vairāk par konkursu:…
Tas būtu ļoti jauki, ja Tu nokomentētu un novērtētu manas bildes delfi portālā priekš konkursa. Vienīgi Tev jābūt autorizētam lietotājam. Balvā var iegūt Sony DSC W170, Sony DSC-H50 vai Sony alfa 300 Fotoparātu :aww:
Mana galerija:
For Those Who Are Curious and wants to know what i wroted:
Hi ^^
Sorry, that im bothering, but i wanted to ask help.
I'm in a contest "Spring in Latvia"
More about the contest:…
It would be really nice if you comented and voted for my pictures at Delfi for the contest. Only, you have to be a member. The prizes are Sony DSC W170, Sony DSC-H50 or Sony alpha 300 camera :aww:
My gallerie:

Thank's For All The :+fav: 's and watches :)
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Thank You For The 1'000 pageviews.
Today i turned out all the electricity for an hour, to help stopping global warming.
24 countrys did the same.
Yesterday i was at a old and abandoned factory at Riga called "Red Star"
It was really creepy at the beggining but it turned out ok. Well i have nothing else to say, so bye :)

Thank You For The